Elsewhere online

There are a number of online resources that contain information about the Anthropic Principle and related discussions.

Nick Bostom's homepage contains Nick's related papers, as well as papers on a variety of other topics.

simulation-argument.com contains resources specifically related to the argument that the Universe is, in fact, merely a simulation being carried out in the 'real' Universe.

The Future of Humanity Institute, directed by Nick Bostrum, is a cross-disciplinary research centre of the University of Oxford that unites philosophy, science, and mathematics to tackle the large questions of where humanity is headed.

Philpapers is an open pre-print archive for all things philosophical, including papers related to the Anthropic Principle.

Similarly, the Cornell University's arXiv is a preprint resource for papers in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics, and contains some scientific papers about the Principle.

If you have access through your University or Library's subscription, you may also want to explore The Philosopher's Index and the Web of Sciences.

Finally, anthropic-principle.com used to hold a preprint archive for papers related to Anthropic Bias. Although the archive is no longer maintained, you can see the final collection here.